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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 25, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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it's not fair. -- captions by vitac -- thinking a stronger partnership. president obama receives a warm welcome in india. u.s./india relations. we'll have a live report on the trip in a moment. also deadly tactics. isis planes killed a japanese hostage and uses another to bribe the government of japan and jordan. at the polls in greece one
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issue tops them all, austerity. seven dekdcades, steven spielberg shares passion for keeping survivors stories alive. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you are watching cnn coverage. i'm natalie allen. president barack obama arrived in india for a two-day visit. he sat down with the prime minister. the two leaders have a warm friendship which they hope will lead to improved relations despite strong economic ties india and the u.s. have been at odds over trade and other issues. we are in new delhi covering the trip. hello. >> reporter: hi natalie.
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the prime minister and president obama still inside the householding the bilateral meetings. this is a place where top level officials from many countries come. it's where india holds their meetings. in the next couple hours, they are expected to come out and make announcements, perhaps take comments from the press. we are not sure what they are talking about. there is talk that trade will be high on the agenda defense, power, climate change and also cities. that's a project the prime minister is key on building 100 smart cities across india. he was able to garner support from japan and china in terms of investing in small cities. some indication that perhaps the u.s. will do the same on nuclear
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power, nuclear cooperation. this is something they agreed on many many years ago back in 2005. basically, allowing the u.s. to invest in nuclear power plants here forcivilian purposes to provide electricity to indians. nothing really came out of that because of the strict liability laws. there is speculation there may be some kind of breakthrough perhaps to create an insurance pool of some sort to imdemocrat any fi. we'll have clarity on that in a few hours. natalie? >> we know the prime minister is very very popular there in india. what about the relationship with president obama? they met in washington a few months ago, now they are meeting again. so is this -- is this considered something that
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perhaps will relinquish tensions between the two countries, their growing friendship? >> reporter: much has been made of that personal connection we are seeing between president obama and the prime minister. we saw that this morning in full display when president obama arrived, got off his airplane there. they shook hands for quite some time. it's a very affectionate welcome. the prime minister went to washington in september last year. they had a very cordial meting as well. president obama took him to martin luther king's memorial. take him on some kind of impromptu tour as well.
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there is some hope here that this personal connection we are seeing between the two leaders can translate into better ties into better diplomatic ties between the two countries. natalie? >> thank you so much. live from new delhi. mr. obama and the first lady planned to visit the site of the taj mahal. despite the preparations the president canceled those plans. instead, he will leave india earlier than planned and head to saudi arabia after the death of king abdullah friday. other world leaders and others are streaming in. french president hollande arrived saturday and britain's prince charles seen there leaving the airplane. the dignitaries extend
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sympathies and pay respects to his half brother. abdullah is remembered by efforts toward middle east peace and modest reform in a conservative saudi arabia. isis is demanding a swap. an al qaeda bomber for a japanese hostage freedom. isis beheaded one of the two japanese men it hanholding captive. his father says he didn't want to believe the news. and wants to hold his son again. >> translator: i have been praying such a thing would not happen. unfortunately, it has finally come to pass and my heart aches. i feel so guilty that he has been detained and threatened death after he entered there to rescue my son at the risk of his life. i really wish him to be released and returned to japan
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immediately and continue his activity. >> the u.s. president called japan's prime minister to offer condolences and convey solidarity. the prime minister denounces the murder and says he believes the video is authentic. >> translator: a possible image of the murder has been released. it's a matter of the greatest regret. we have been analyzeing the credibility of the image. at this point, i must say, it's highly credible. i'm at a loss for words thinking of the grief his family must be experiencing. isis killed one japanese hostage, but not the other, it says because it wants to do an exchange. the prisoner isis wants is currently on death row for a series of bombings in jordan. her in aman and joined live for that part of the story.
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>> reporter: natalie, in 2005 he was part of a four-member suicide bomber team that was dispatched by al qaeda in iraq. it's the predecessor of isis to jordan. november 9th three hotels were hit in jordan by suicide bombers. she was captured by jordanian authorities and aired on television at the time she said she was at one of the hotels with her husband who struck a wedding party there killing dozens and injuring many more. her explosive vest failed to detonate. she was sentenced to death in 2006. she has been in jail in jordan on death row since. the country has pause zed the death penalty. there was a de facto on the
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death penalty in 2006 and only resumed last month in december with the execution of 11 men. now, it is important to point out here why is isis asking for her? isis is the predecessor of al qaeda in iraq. they were responsible for the bombings orchestrated by the leader of the terror group at the time the leader was killed in an air strike in 2006. the brutality is something that is reflected, seen and revised with isis now. natalie? >> is there any word whether jordan would cooperate and release this woman and go along with a requested swap in. >> reporter: jordan finds itself in a difficult position. jordanian officials saying they
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will not comment on this demand. they are saying they are working to verify the authenticity of the tape. jordan has been working closely with the japanese government. a crisis center has been set up here at the japanese embassy in aman. one would assume to utilize whatever back channels the jordanian government may have to secure the release of the japanese hostages. a very tough situation for jordan. it is dealing with its own hostage situation, their own captive held by isis. a jordanian pilot crashed in isis territory. he's been captured and held by isis. there has been speculation amongage cysts that isis would demand a swap for the pilot. and possibly another former member of al qaeda in iraq who is being held here in jordan
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both iraqi nationals. a tough situation, natalie. these bombings that took place in jordan are referred to in this country as the 9/11 of jordan. those bombings really shook this nation and she is the only member of that group to be held in jordanian prison and on death row. >> we'll wait to see what if anything, develops. thank you. also in the middle east we continue to bring you the latest on yemen, which, in effect has no government. today's emergency parliamentary meeting has been postponed. lawmakers will now meet at a later date in hopes of discussing the president's recent resignation in the face of the rebel uprising. now, in the streets of the capitol saturday a crowd reported to be around 10,000
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called for the president to resume his duties and stand-up to the militia fighters. this one day after another demonstration supporting the shia group hit the capitol. they are believed to be supported by shia iran. the government is backed by sunni saudi arabia and the west. the future of greece is now in the voters hands as they head to the polls to choose the next head of parliament. just what this crucial election means for the country that has seen so much struggle with its economy. we'll tell you what is at stake next. this third shift is rough... it's just a few more weeks max! what are you doing up? it's late. i just wanted to have breakast wih you.
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greek voters have eight hours to head to the polls. this is significant. polls opened sunday morning. the greek prime minister voting here in athens. moat greeks seem to want change as polls have projected the left leaning to win the crucial election. the anti-austerity party promises to raise the minimum wage cut taxes. if they win, it could lead greece to default on the debt and exit the euro.
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i'm joined by linda in athens. clearly, many greeks sending a strong message, enough is enough. they want their economy back somehow. >> reporter: well absolutely. this is exactly what we are seeing here people sending a strong message that they have had enough of austerity, it seems. if the polls are enough to go by cities of the coalition, the party that's promising to end austerity is likely to win this election. for the timing what the voters have they have a big dilemma. they can either stay and keep doing what they have been doing for six years, stick to the terms and keep receiving the money. in order to do that they would vote for the politicians what they have now. they have come along and said well you know we are going to change all this. enough is enough. people have lost a lot of money, a lot of people have lost their
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jobs. unemployment is very high. although is economy seems to be getting better this is not something that the people here are seeing. he is promising something different. in some cases, promising to give jobs back promising to make the civil servants rehire people that have lost their jobs. promising what people want to hear. they are not saying where they are going to find the money to do that. people here do know this. they are aware what they are doing by voting for him is a gamble. it's not clear where europe is going to stand on this. so far, the first signs we have had from europe are they are not willing to re-negotiate with greece but, of course this is a discussion that will come after the election. what's important right now is really to understand that the people here what they want is to break from the old and go to
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something new. we have been talking to a lot of commentators here. the author of a book on the crisis told us what people want is something new. let's have a listen. >> i think people feel that the established party have been too close to the regime that has been imposed on greece by creditors, the emu. this austerity has cost them jobs cost them income and they feel that perhaps a government of the left will be able to restore the lost benefits. >> reporter: so what we are seeing here is that people are willing to take that gamble. the question is what will the european union do next and how will it impact europe? >> it certainly shows their frustration that they are willing to take this gamble or
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so it seems. we'll wait and see what the outcome is. thanks so much linda for us there in athens. ukrainian officials say a pro-russian rebel attack on the port city left at least 30 people dead including two children. there's stunning dashcam video that surfaced online that shows the very moment that the attack occurred. we want you to keep in mind as you look at the video, cnn cannot confirm the authenticity of the video. here is it. >> at least 102 people were injured in this attack. city leaders say rebels fired on residential areas using
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long-rang missiles. clashes between government troops and separatists intensified in recent days we are sorry to say. next on cnn, cold snow sleet. it may not be a pretty weather picture for large parts of the united states depending on whether you sled it in drive in it or shovel it. derek van dam has the latest after this.
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the latest on the measles outbreak. 80 people are infected. a majority can be related back to disney land. health officials are anything but amused. it can be prevented with a simple vaccination but more and more parents are deciding not to vaccinate their children and perhaps that might be what's behind the outbreak as we learn. >> reporter: several dozen measles cases can be traced to disneyland in december. what's frustrating health officials is most of the cases involve patients who never received a measles vaccination. it can spread easily without a handshake or touching. >> if you are in an enclosed space with a lot of people and you are not protected, there's a 90% chance you are going to come down with the disease. >> reporter: disneyland which
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has the confined spaces says they took major steps. they offered to test employees and vaccinate them and sent home a number of employees found to be in close proximity of patient who is contracted the measles. cnn, anaheim, california. one snowstorm exits the east coast of the u.s. another, more powerful storm may be bringing in major snow and sleet to the area. derek van dam always dedicated, watching the weather, but really watching this area because you are flying into new york. >> that's true natalie, watching this one close. i have a big grin on my face because i love snowstorms. we had this first one. that wasn't all that impressive. never really measured up to what we wanted it to be. there were a few snow shower that is impacted new york and boston. it moved on from cape cod to the east coast and into the atlantic
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ocean. that system is long gone. these are the snowfall totals the most impressive 20 centimeters, not much. it's the next storm we are talking about. this is it. this is the low as it develops along the east coast. that is a bit on the quick side. i'll show you another map in a moment. what i want to get to are potential snowfall totals monday tuesday and eventually by wednesday morning. the computer models coming together with some sort of idea that this storm is going to be potentially of epic proportions. we are talking impressive totals. let me break it down for you. this is the global model. over a foot of snow in central park and the big apple. look at boston. 20 inches of snow. that extends through vermont. all the major ski reports for the area into maine as well. then we go to the european model. the totals are higher. look at this. over two feet of snow for new york.
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upwards of two feet of snow for providence rhode island as well as boston and the surrounding areas. tricky travel weather along the i-95 corridor to say the least. this is monday into tuesday and ending by wednesday morning. again, the computer models coming together on this. it's something we are going to pay close attention to in the cnn weather center. let's time this out for anyone controversialing to new york or boston over the next 24 hours. hint hint me. you can see the band of snow entering the greater new york area by monday afternoon and evening. already spreading snowfall across pennsylvania and into virginia. i think washington d.c. will be on that rain/snow preface. we are going to see the storm actually start to deepen off the east coast. depending on how close the low is to the area that's where we will see the strongest and
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heaviest snow beds as well as the strongest of winds. we could have blizzard conditions. the best potential is in and around the greater region. natalie? i think you love new york as much as i do right? >> even more. i'll be going with you. >> cool. >> thanks derek. as we have been telling you, recovering the vote in greece on the future path of this country. coming up w we'll talk to more greeks making a critical vote on the future of their country. also ahead, the mysterious death of an argentine prosecutor years later. there may be new breakthroughs in the mysterious case of his death. that's coming up.
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welcome back to viewers in the u.s. and around the world. you are watching cnn live coverage. i'm natalie allen. here are the top stories. u.s. president barack obama and the indian prime minister sat down for a meeting a short time ago. the president is on a two-day visit to india. they are hoping to ease tensions that have arisen between the two countries. a newly released isis video claims the terror group beheaded one of the japanese hostages it was holding. it shows him holding picture of what appears to be his beheaded friend. the murdered man's father says he doesn't want to believe his son is dead. we are following crucial election in greece where it's up to voters to choose a new government. the left wing has led the polls
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for months is expected to win. the party's leader promises to raise the minimum wage cut taxes and reverse pension cuts. they are sick of the austerity measures. some greek's switched political allegiances and put their faith in this party. we have people on both sides ott political divide gambling on this pop list party. >> reporter: defiant. they are not budging. for 595 of them this is now their second home a makeshift camp outside the ministry finance. the very office who fined them a year ago in cuts demanded by greece's creditors. >> translator: most of us are single mothers and widowings. we are over 40 years old, approaching retirement. we believe it will be possible to find another job in a country
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in financial decline. >> reporter: it is rebellion that inspired a nation and took them to the doors of parliament. now, more resolute than ever they are placing their votes in the hopes of cleaning up greece's economy. >> translator: most of us women are not involved in politics. now we are voting for him because they believe it is the only way out of their problems. they have realized the problems are shared by many and must all be politically aware. >> reporter: making up your mind isn't as easy as it seems, at least not for in computer developer. he's always voted for the conservatives, now, having seen wages slashed with a newborn baby he's voting for the change he's promised. >> he doesn't agree with 100% of
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my opinions but i believe that it's something new. it's a new party that hasn't been you know in the government or anything else. it's a new party. first ideas. what is already written. >> reporter: this enchantment, you wouldn't expect to hear from middle class families across greece. many have backed the prime minister. >> you want to stay in europe. you want reforms to take place in greece. you want to have hope for the best but you don't actually believe. >> reporter: hope and fears. emotion shared by the many who want things to get better. cnn, athens greece. in the united states fighter jets escorted two passenger planes into atlanta's international airport saturday following a bomb threat made on twitter. southwest airlines flight 2492
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and delta flight 1156 landed safely both planes searched by bomb disposal units and passengers were questioned. >> some of us getting updates from friends. the days of social media everybody gets instant information. we heard from the pilot and were able to find outlet the details pretty quick. >> the good news airline officials say nothing out of the ordinary was found. suspects boko haram mill tanlts have done it again. they are on the move. they have attacked nigeria's northeastern city. officials say insurgents started the assault on the city just after midnight local time. a reuters witness says shelling could be heard and military helicopters were circling. we'll continue to follow that. questions are swirling
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surrounding the mysterious death of an argentine special prosecutor. he was found dead hours before he was to appear before congress to implicate the president in a cover up with iran and the bombing of a jewish center. shasta is following the story. >> reporter: these could be the last pictures of him alive. >> translator: it was 72 hours before his death. >> reporter: this is the treasure of the jewish center. he met with the special prosecutor last week. >> translator: he told us he had proof and he also said he had copies of the evidence in different places. >> reporter: the body was found hours before he was going to appear before congress with that very same evidence that he said
1:37 am
proves the argentine president was covering up iran's role in the bombing in fact jewish center. initially, government officials called it a suicide. now, the president has come full circle. the suicide that i'm convinced was not a suicide. she wrote in an open letter posted on facebook. according to a poll 70% of argentine's doubted the suicide theory from the beginning. the about face had not impressed. >> translator: they say one thing, the next the other. it generates more doubts. we need a solution. it didn't seem like a suicide. it didn't she says in truth, most people are indignant. >> reporter: here at the apartment building the investigation continues. the chief investigator reviewed more than 100 surveillance videos and taken much of the material back to headquarters to
1:38 am
review. police file slowly gathering evidence. argentines are anxious to see what will happen to the investigation he was spearheading. the 298-page report since made public contained wiretapped phone conversations that indicate argentina and iran tried to negotiate a deal to boost trade if they stopped pursuing the iranian suspects. >> translator: cohen says finding out what happened could be a huge step toward solving the 20-year-old bombing as well. shasta darlington cnn. new developments to tell you about as far as the u.s. and americans traveling to cuba. now bring your plastic with you to cuba. mastercard announcing american credit cards can be used on the
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island starting the first of march. meantime u.s. and cuban officials wrapped up the first round of talks to restore diplomatic relations after five decades of estrangement. hard to tell how the talks went judging from the faces here from around the table. both sides acknowledge common ground was made but they say there's a long road ahead before relations are normalized. the nfls new england patriots claim they played by the rules. how they do simulations to find out how the footballs ended up underinflated. from football we turn to baseball because baseball lost a legend this past week. we'll tell you howerny banks changed the game.
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we have the latest on deflategate. the head coach of the nfls new england patriots is trying to end the controversy over underinflated footballs. he strongly denies cheating in the playoff game a week ago. he tried to show that cold weather may be to blame. >> bill belichick held an unexpected press conference to explain he con ducked a series of experiments to try to figure
1:43 am
out why it is several of the footballs that the team used during last week's afc championship game were underinflated. take a listen to what he said. >> we simulated the game day situation, in terms of the preparation of the footballs and where the footballs were at various points in time during the day or night, as the case was sunday. >> reporter: now belichick stressed it's not his team not the equipment managers not the players who inflate the ball. he said it's officials. the team can recommend a psi they want the balls inflated to. he said quarterback tom brady likes his footballs to be inflated to a certain level. then they leave it in the hands of the officials to measure the footballs and make sure they fall within the rules what the psi should be when playing the game. he was asked, what is next?
1:44 am
how do they prevent it from happening at the big game next week at the super bowl if as he alluded to this was an act of science, of atmospheric pressure messing with the footballs. he said it's an important question something he wanted to explore, but not something he felt should be addressed today. there is on ongoing nfl investigation. they have conducted 40 interviews at this point. the nfl is examining other evidence as well. interestingly, the last time we heard from quarterback tom brady, he had not yet been interviewed by the nfl. however, their investigation is ongoing and there is no time line on the investigation so it's unclear if we'll have the answers to the questions before the super bowl. >> just imagine the ratings for this super bowl. my my. well american sports fans are mourning the passing of the great baseball player ernie
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banks. as george reports, there was so much more to this legendary slugger. >> reporter: just over a year ago in the iconic wrigley field, mr. cub himself, ernie banks described what this place means to him. >> a real thrill. it's like my home. it's my bible. it's my life. >> reporter: baseball was his everything. and what a career. from an upstart with the negro league to becoming the first african-american to wear a cubs uniform. ernie banks was a trail blazer. between 1953 and 1971 this shortstop and first baseman piled up 2,583 hits. 11 national league all-star selections. two back-to-back national league most valuable player awards. he racked uche 512 home runs
1:46 am
hitting more than 40 homers. banks was enducted into the baseball hall of fame. he later saw a statue go up of his likeness outside wrigley field. >> looks like he could hit one out of the ballpark even today. >> then this. >> the recipients of the presidential medal of freedom. >> reporter: seating with the likes of bill clinton and oprah winfrey. this would be one of his greatest honors. a cubs legend he died friday at the age of 83. people who remember him know him as the guy with that smile who was always so optimistic ever so approachable and exceptional at what he did. >> such a nice guy. you never heard anything bad about him. i had the opportunity to meet him a couple times. always had a smile on his face. >> mr. cub. he had a title like that.
1:47 am
to lose him is a huge loss for not only the organization but the city as a whole. >> he was so open and so generous with his whole life. and so positive. that is a rare quality in humans these days somebody that can, in the face of all this that goes on in the world that he could just maintain that genuine smile. love ya ernie. >> reporter: i met him several times in chicago. you couldn't be in a better presence. just to hear his laugh. one game was never enough. the famous phrase there's sunshine fresh air and the teams behind us. let's play two. >> i turn into a kid when i walk in here. everything is old, gets new again. this small park is new to me now. >> reporter: to the best cub to ever play the game ernie banks
1:48 am
will always be a special part of chicago and his presence always felt here in wrigley field. george howell, cnn chicago. >> what a tremendous person he was. after a quick break, award winning director and producer steven spielberg explains his calling. the deep connection to the concentration camp. this 70s anniversary of liberation.
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d. the iconic blue and gold braided beard on the stunning mask was knocked off and glued back on in august. apparently it wasn't glued very well. restoration experts say the beard has been detached from the mask before and has likely loosened over the years. it has been a few years that it's been around. >> unfortunately last year in august during an attempt to change the light situation in the display case the mask was touched and the beard fell apart. most probably this happened due to the glue which was used
1:52 am
during the first restoration in 1944. >> and investigates found scratch marks on the mask and they don't know how that got there. but, happy to say, the chin has been restored. a beautiful, beautiful thing, that mask is. it has been 70 years since the liberation of the auschwitz concentration camp 70 years. ahead of tuesday's anniversary, the academy award winning producer and director steven spielberg is sharing stories about his first visit to auschwitz. he talks about filming "shindler's list" and stories from survivors. here he is. ♪ >> i didn't know it was my
1:53 am
calling until schindler's list came to my life. i shot outside the gates of auschwitz. it is a place that will stay with you, literally, all you have to do is visit once and it will stay with you the rest of your life. it's unimaginable. therefore, i don't try to imagine it. i have quite a vivid imagination imagination, but i won't take it to auschwitz. it was one of the most efficient killing machines anyone has ever experienced throughout history. i smelled the hopelessness. i went into the barracks i watched the scribbling and saw the carving and the artwork. i felt the hopelessness then i would suddenly see a flower someone painted on the wall. through all the years of
1:54 am
hopelessness there was, in fact hope. there was evidence of maybe there is going to be a future for me and my family maybe. and in most cases, that wasn't to happen. the first time i visited, we were absolutely appalled at one thing. the tour guide who took us through auschwitz was organized. never mentioned the word jew. never mentioned the numbers, just said many innocent people were killed here. did not mention that the jews had been murdered at auschwitz. that kind of up staged -- i was angry about that for a long time. but, when i walked down the rail line to the end of where the tracks ended, and i went over to where the crematory was, i just felt the ghosts. i just felt the ghosts.
1:55 am
i didn't feel that i was destined to tell the story until i visited poland for the first time. and went the auschwitz and spent time on the actual locations. it suddenly occurred to me this was something more than a movie. the movie was going to be a foot in the door but the door i needed to open was these testimonies. >> people were taken away. >> and disseminate them all over the world, founding the survivors of the show of history foundation in 1994. this was my second mar mits fa. i have been adopted by thousands of survivors. i feel like their grandson. my wife and i wanted to go back to auschwitz to pay respect. a rabbi took us. he asked me to put my hand in
1:56 am
that water, a mud hole. i did. it was very soggy. it had been raining. i brought my hand out. there was white bone meal all over my hands because the remains of everyone over those years of mass murder rain back down on to the earth. excuse me. and they are still there. the remains of everyone murdered at auschwitz, they are still there in the ground. that's something i'll take to my grave. >> steven spielberg, we appreciate his thoughts so much. there are so many amazing examples of courage and strength from nazi survivors. watch the special, "voices of auschwitz" tuesday, january 27th at 9:00 p.m. eastern in the u.s. that is 11:00 a.m. wednesday in
1:57 am
tokyo. the 70th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz. thank you for watching this hour. i'm natalie allen. up next linda has the day's top stories. see you later.
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